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For the Love of Russian Blues


Sorry, no more kittens.

We regret to announce that we are no longer raising kittens.

We may occasionally list Russian Blue adults and kittens available from other sources, so please check the blue boxes above often if you are searching for a Russian Blue companion.

This website is a tribute to all the Russian Blues we know and love. We hope you find your visit informative and entertaining. Enjoy your stay and please sign the guestbook!

Pet owners:  We are still interested in your photos and testimonials! Please email webmaster at blufuries dot com if you would like to showcase your Scobeck or Blufuries Russian Blues on this website.

We Love Russian Blues!

Cat Fanciers' Association

Looking to adopt a Russian Blue in Massachusetts?

Blufuries is a CFA and TICA Russian Blue Cattery located in southeastern Massachusetts, 50 miles south of Boston. Blufuries is the most experienced, longest practicing in-home Russian Blue breeder in the northeastern United States.

We love Russian Blues. We believe the Russian Blue is an exceptional breed that deserves to be preserved, and we are proud to be among their shepherds.

Blufuries is dedicated to total wellness of the Russian Blue breed. For a detailed description, please read all About the Cattery.

About the Cattery

Blufuries Russian Blues, formerly Scobeck Russian Blues, is a CFA registered, established cattery, breeding vet certified Russian Blue cats and kittens. When you adopt a Russian Blue from Blufuries, we become "related by Russians." We are forever available to discuss all issues of feline ownership. Our goal is to help pet owners reach into the hearts and souls of their feline friends.

Blufuries is a Closed Cattery. This means that the cats are not exposed to felines outside the house, thus reducing the risk of exposure to disease, fleas, ticks, mites, worms and fungus. Neither cattery cats nor pet house cats are aloud outside, and we do not provide stud or boarding services the way many other catteries do.

  • National Winning Lines
  • Health Guarantee
  • Ongoing Support
  • Closed Cattery

Blufuries subscribes to Jasmine Kinnear's Felines by Design ideology:

Kittens By Design

  • Where a breeder truly loves her cats.
  • When the soul of the breeder reaches the soul of the cat.
  • Unselfish, totally dedicated with a loving heart and an open mind.
  • The instinctive ability to meet every feline's needs, so that each precious cat knows they are treasured.
  • There are cat lovers and there are cat breeders. A good breeder is both.

A Breeder of Substance

  • A breeder of substance respects the needs of every feline within their care. A blend of heart and soul.
  • A breeder of substance has a generous heart, an open mind and the willingness to learn more.
  • A unique and caring individual who recognizes that people need help, assistance and guidance.
  • The willingness to write one more letter, have one more visitor, complete one more job or one more long night sitting up with a pregnant queen as she is kittening.

Blufuries guarantees this. As Jasmine Kinnear says, this love of heart, mind and soul makes for a successful cat breeder. This is what distinguishes Blufuries from a breeder who simply sells kittens.

Enjoy your visit.

Blufuries Russian Blues